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Time has turned the Viru Hotel into something unique and genuine – here you can find what you will not find in other places. In the centre of everything and in the midst of everyone.


Booking of guided tours is required for groups. Our guides will take you on a fascinating tour of our exhibition and keep the group together. The price of a guided tour for a group in English is 30€.If you book a tour for a large group that has to be split, the price of a guided tour is 25€ for each group.. Telephone booking for groups: +372 511 1732

KGB Museum (Tallinn) - 2019 All You Need to Know BEFORE

muuseum tallinn
Collection’s diary. Workers´ housing in Kohtla-Järve. Eugen Habermann, 1920–1921. EAM Fk 3105, Fk 15852 The Siidisuka neighborhood located in Kohtla-Järve has a garden city concept.

Muuseumid > Tallinn

muuseum tallinn
The museum, located in the cannon tower and bastion passages, introduces the genesis of Tallinn, its development, as well as the most important war events from the 13th to the 18th century. In the arms room, you can explore historical weapons and try out a shooting simulator. The tower offers unique views of the city and port.

Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom - Wikipedia

Adamson-Eric Museum. Lühike jalg 3, 10130 Tallinn, Estonia. TELEPHONE +372 644 5838 +372 644 5835 (tickets) FAX +372 602 6002. E-MAIL adamson-eric@ekm.ee

Kiek in de Kök Fortification Museum, Estonia

The Tallinn Museum of Orders of Knighthood is home to a unique collection of knighthood insignia.

Niguliste muuseum – Tallinna vanalinna lõunaosas

muuseum tallinn
The Eesti Pank Museum showcases Estonian money and its history as well as the central bank, its activities and its past. As the histories of Eesti Pank and Estonia are closely connected, the museum also gives an idea of the development of the country.

Tallinn Museum of Orders of Knighthood

Külastusinfo; Inimesed; Kontakt Harjumaa Muuseum. Linnuse 9, 76608 Keila Telefon: +372 678 1668. e-post: muuseum@hmk.ee reg nr 75039764. Kuidas meile tulla? Jalgsi ja jalgrattaga. Keilas aitavad õiget suunda hoida pruuni-valgega Harjumaa Muuseumi suunaviidad ning …

Hotel Viru and KGB Museum, Estonia

The Museum of Occupations (Estonian: Okupatsioonide muuseum) in Tallinn, Estonia, is located at the corner of Toompea St. and Kaarli Blvd.It was opened on July 1, 2003, and is dedicated to the 1940-1991 period in the history of Estonia, when the country was occupied by the Soviet Union, then Nazi Germany, and then again by the Soviet Union. During most of this time the country was known as the

Kontakt – Harjumaa Muuseum

muuseum tallinn
We educate and involve the people of Estonia and its visitors and encourage everyone to think about the recent past, to sense the fragility of freedom, and to stand for freedom and justice.

Eesti Tervishoiu Muuseum, Tallinn | Ticket Price | Timings

muuseum tallinn
Eesti Tervishoiu Muuseum, Tallinn. Find hotel near Eesti Tervishoiu Muuseum. Contribute/Review Ask a Question. The Estonian Health Care Museum makes you look at your body and health in a whole different light with detailed exhibits on human anatomy, the history of medicine and tools used in health care and latest findings and technology that

Eesti Tervishoiu Muuseum

Tallinna vene muuseum kutsub muuseumitundi lapsi ja noori õppima vene keelt! 1.12 ja 5.01. Linnamuuseumis, Fotomuuseumis ja Kiek in de Köki kindlustustemuuseumis on ÜLE LINNA JÕULUD! Jõulutunnid lastele Kiek in de Köki kindlustustemuuseumis. Jõuluretk „Tallinn

Eesti Tervishoiu Muuseum

05.11.2019 Tallinna Kirjanduskeskus avab kaheks kuuks erakordse Mati Undi pop-up muuseumi . Kadriorus aadressil L. Koidula 17 avab kaheks kuuks uksed erakordne Mati Undi pop-up muuseum.

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