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Otto Ohlendorf died on June 07, 1951 in Landsberg Prison, Germany.

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Another popular leaflet was a catalogue of the “good deeds” of Otto Ohlendorf who, by his own uncontroverted testimony, was responsible for slaughtering 60,000 Jews and Gypsies. Little or nothing was said in print or on the air about the crimes committed by these men.

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“THE EINSATZGRUPPEN CASE" Military Tribunal II Case No. 9 THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA — against — Otto Ohlendorf, Heinz Jost, Erich Naumann, Otto Rasch, Erwi Schulz, Franz Six, Paul Blo-

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Otto Ohlendorf (4 de fevereiro de 1907 – 8 de junho de 1951) foi um oficial alemão que serviu na SS nazista com a patente de Gruppenführer e também foi chefe da Inland-SD (responsável pela inteligência e pela segurança interna), uma subdivisão da Sicherheitsdienst (SD).

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He was tried at the Einsatzgruppen Trial, convicted, and executed in 1951.

v. Otto Ohlendorf et al. September April
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Sometime in November 1944, he was promoted to Gruppenführer.


Otto Ohlendorf. Otto Ohlendorf . Otto Ohlendorf was born on 4 February 1907 in Hoheneggelsen, the son of a peasant. He was educated at a humanistic Gymnasium in Hildesheim, he later studied law at the Universities of Leipzig and Göttingen, graduating in July 1933. In October 1933 he became assistant to Professor Jessen at the Institute of World …

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Few defendants at any of the trials denied the accusations made against them, and often their own testimony was used to convict them. Otto Ohlendorf, the former commandant of Einsatzgruppe D, was sentenced to death for the murder of about 90,000 Jews, Roma, and Sinti after admitting that he had ordered his men to kill children as well as adults.

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Visitors, even before they got seated, craned their necks in the direction of the prisoners dock, and, although warned by guards against pointing, invariably thrust an index finger in Otto Ohlendorfs direction, asking if he was the ninety-thousand murderer.

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Otto Ohlendorf ON SEPTEMBER 15, 1947, the day of arraignment, one of the most remarkable persons ever to go on trial in any country in any age stepped into the Nuremberg courtroom. Handsome, poised, suave and polite, he carried himself with the bearing of a person endowed with natural dignity and intellect, and, in the course of his testimony, he was to display the narrative talents of a professional …

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Otto Ohlendorf, född 4 februari 1907 i Hoheneggelsen, död 7 juni 1951 i Landsberg am Lech, var en tysk SS-Gruppenführer (generallöjtnant). Han var från juni 1941 till juli 1942 befälhavare för Einsatzgruppe D, den mobila paramilitära …


The testimony of Otto Ohlendorf- A tale of Nazi corruption. Posted on February 6, 2018 by dirkdeklein under History, Holocaust, Nuremberg Trials, War Crimes, World War 2. Born in Berlin in 1907, Ohlendorf joined the SA in 1925 and the SS in 1926. In 1936 he joined the SD as an economic adviser and from 1939 to 1945 he served as the chief of the

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UNITED STATES OF AMERICA V. OTTO OHLENDOPF ET AL. (CASE IX) SEPTEMBER 15, 1947-APRIL 10, 1948 On the 38 rolls of this microfilm publication are reproduced the records of Case IX (United States of America v. Otto Ohlendorf et al.3 or the "Einsatzgruppen" Case), one of the 12 trials of war criminals conducted by the U.S. Government from

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Otto Ohlendorf (4 February 1907 – 7 June 1951) was a German SS-Gruppenführer and head of the Inland-SD (responsible for intelligence and security within Germany), a section of the SD.Ohlendorf was the commanding officer of Einsatzgruppe D, which was accused of conducting mass murder in Moldova, south Ukraine, the Crimea, and, during 1942, the north Caucasus.

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