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Ksjuha Romanova added a new photo — at Shaurma & Kebab Keskturg. September 4, 2018 · Tallinn, Estonia · Eikki Ahonen is eating õhtusöök with Marina Ahonen and 2 others at Shaurma & Kebab
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Tallinn Street Food Festival was the driver that motivated many new vendors to lift up their shutters and start offering street food. Before 2014 street food in Estonia occupied a tiny niche market. Few vendors tried opening the eyes and taste-buds of Estonians to new emotions.
Shaurma Kebab Tallinn
"Family friendly honest restaurant, more likely a steak house with an amazing steaks, e.g. Picanha. Try Uzbek section - lagman. Personnel is polite, attentive and welcoming.Visit btw lunch & dinner."
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Our chicken kebab is self made, and always fresh. We also offer ljulja-kebabs and burgers from beef, beefsteaks, chicken shashlik ja chicken tortillas. To every meal you can choose rice, French fries or salad. For vegetarians we offer falafels (Chick pea balls). You are very welcome to Mister Kebab in Tallinn, Tatari 42!
Shaurma Kebab Tallinn
4 days ago · You’ll find lots of “best” kebab shops in London, but this one truly merits the title and is regularly winning awards for their meals. We can see why – they’re great. The kebabs are cooked over open charcoal grills which gives the meat a superb smokey and intense flavour.
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If you have allergies or other dietary restrictions, please contact the restaurant. The restaurant will provide food-specific information upon request.
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Ulvis brake - Hobujaama - Hobujaama 1, Tallinn, Estonia - Rated 4.7 based on 45 arvustust "Kiidan väga. Esiteks oli teenindaja noormees vãga viisakas ja
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Kebab kanaliha, friikartulid, küüslaugu kaste, hapukurgid. Döner Lavash. 3.50 EUR
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Shaurma Fusion is at Shaurma Fusion. Ootame teid ️ # shaurma # tallinn # shaurmafusion # liha # döner # kebab # dönerkebab # kartul # pahlava # baklava # eesti # söök @ Shaurma Fusion
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Shaurma Kebab. Shaurma Kebab. Shaurma Kebab
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Shaurma Fusion, Tallinn: No description added yet. I hereby confirm that Im the owner of this restaurant or a worker responsible for it, and I intend to keep the information about my restaurant up to date.
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Shaurma & Kebab is at Punane Shaurma. May 14, 2018 · Tallinn, Estonia · В Шаурма Кебаб требуются ответственные пунктуальные работники возраст от 18 -45 лет знание языков приветствуется подробности в лс
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